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My pregnancy was not as healthy and ideal as I wanted it to be. I wanted a healthy pregnancy ending in an all natural, home birth. At 24 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. My midwife could no longer provide services for me and I was now considered “high-risk.” I knew I would have to deliver in a hospital, which I was terrified of because of the awful experience I had giving birth to my first child. I immediately started looking for a doula. After interviewing 5 doulas, I found “the one.” She was kind and understanding of my fears. She understood my concerns and was open to working with a “high risk” patient. She told me that she had never worked with a GD before, but was willing to try; that is all I wanted to hear. She became my go-to person for the remainder of my pregnancy. She guided me on what I wanted and supported with the things I did not. On November 4, 2012 at 8:00am she arrived at my house to help me labor at home as long as possible. We arrived at the hospital at 9:35am and my beautiful baby boy was born at 10:05am. For being a hospital birth, I could not have asked for anything more. My doula was my saving grace, my sanity, and my strength during the most freighting, emotional, and beautiful time of my life.
~Shannon, CO

I was gifted a nice supply of your Mother’s tea after the VBAC birth of my son. It tasted beautiful, was calm and now that it is warm (hot!) out I love it over ice with a little honey.


As a certified nurse midwife I used Althea’s nursing blend tea when my daughter was 9 months old. It was just what I needed to keep up with her growing demand.

The Mothers Life Tea, nursing blend, is incredible! My milk production was extremely abundant for my baby girl while only taking the minimal daily recommendation. The Raspberry Mothers Life Tea is delicious and drinking it is a great, flavorful way of staying hydrated.
~ Lindsey

Must say that I’m in love with your nursing tea! 🙂 my supply shifts with my cycle and a pitcher of iced nursing tea for my low week worked perfectly! And it’s yummy!!
-Jerica, CO

The Mother’s Life Tea Nursing blend helped ensure my milk production was sufficient for my newborn. I drank some immediately after giving birth & my milk came in without any problems. Now I drink it when I feel like my milk supply is running low & it helps ramp it back up. My son is 3 months & so far I have been able to exclusively breast feed him thanks to the nursing blend.

Mother’s life tea is great! I am not a tea drinker, but I listened to Althea and drank the daily doses. The raspberry blend helped keep the swelling at bay during pregnancy, among other things. I truly believe the nursing blend played a role in keeping the baby blues at bay during the postpartum period as well as helping me produce TONS of milk. I had to lower my dose and eventually take a few day break from drinking the tea because I was overproducing so much! When my daughter was around 7 months I had a medical issue that caused my milk supply to almost disappear. I quickly got my hands on more nursing tea and drank it like it was my job. My daughter is now 9 months and still nursing! Plus I have enough milk to pump and build a freezer supply!