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About Us

My Tea Story

I was very young and naive the first time I was pregnant and I had neither the knowledge of how to care for my changing body, nor the desire to learn. When people would see me eating, they told me to eat for two and to eat what I wanted. After all, I was pregnant, right? That advice led me to a 60lb weight gain, and I felt horrible, nauseated, tired and devoid of any energy. This resulted in a long and hard recovery after giving birth to my son. Needless to say, this cut into my ability to care for my husband and new baby. I had nursing issues, a hormone imbalance, and postpartum depression. I was unable to enjoy life altogether.

When my husband and I decided to have another baby, I decided that my first priority would be my health. I needed to become healthy and learn what that meant. So began my foray into health, nutrition, and herbology. Right about this time, we met a wonderful couple with whom I shall forever be grateful for. Together, we learned about different herbs and tried them out with excellent results.

My first raspberry blend, which is similar to my current blend, was delicious and had amazing results. When I finally got pregnant with my second baby, I drank this tea throughout the entire pregnancy and into nursing. My recovery was a breeze. I stopped bleeding after one week because the nutrients in that blend helped decrease blood loss. I found similar results with my third pregnancy.

For my fourth pregnancy, I decided to change the blend and add different herbs to make it even better. Aside from my fourth pregnancy being a little different (this was my only girl), I kept my body  healthy and strong through healthy diet and exercise. I did prenatal yoga with my dear friend Alison Haasch LM (Licensed Midwife). My labor was super quick, lasting only four hours from first contraction of labor to birth.  All was well, with my 9lb, 12oz baby girl. My pregnancy and home birth went great and this blend became the official raspberry blend I sell on this site.

As good as my pregnancy was, I did have one BIG problem. My milk supply was weak and my baby girl went from 9lb, 12oz to 8lbs! This is not good. My heart was set on breastfeeding exclusively and I tried many things to improve my milk supply including:

  • Pumping every 2-3 hours
  • Feeding every 2-3 hours
  • Drinking TONS of water
  • Drinking TONS of the Traditional Medicinal, Mother’s Milk tea packets, until I literally wanted to throw up!
  • Taking bottles of the fenugreek capsules (which seemed to help a little after a while)
  • Relaxing & resting as much as possible

For those of you have had had, or are currently having milk supply issues, understand my frustration and the many tears I shed. At this point the midwives were getting worried, my baby was not gaining, and I refused to supplement with formula, so I decided to experiment with a nursing blend to improve my milk supply.

Once again, I dived into researching herbs and blends, but none were very beneficial. So I made up my own blend, based off my successful raspberry blend. I was still doubtful, due to all of my failed efforts, but once I started drinking my herb blend, within 32 hours, I had a full milk supply! Not only that, but within one week, I was able to pump 4oz at a time, which previously, I could barely get 1/2oz total from both breasts. From then on, I have had no issues with my milk supply. My daughter is now two and still nursing.

Shortly after I got my daughter’s weight stabilized and my supply steady, I began helping other mothers in need around Phoenix valley. The response was so great, that I decided to begin selling it, since giving it away got a little costly.

My goal with these teas is to be able to help mothers, such as myself, who have milk supply issues, or need to increase their supply for pumping and storing so that they can go back to work, or simply on vacation, and still be able to feed their babies on their own.

Why do these teas really work?

There are two main reasons why the things that I tried above did not work and why my tea does.

  • In order to draw nutrients from these types of herbs, you must simmer them in a sauce pan on the stove for approx. 15 minutes, then strain off the herbs. If you just heat a cup of water, drop a tea bag in, and drink it in a few minutes, you are getting very few, if any nutrients out of the herbs. The simmering extracts the nutrients from the herbs into the water and therefore you intake it rather than throwing it in the trash, still in a tea bag.


  • The combination of herbs work on your adrenal glands. Your pituitary gland controls your adrenal glands (which sit on you lower back and are often mistaken for lower back pain), and your adrenals control your fight or flight hormones. We as women are generally in constant “go” mode, especially if we have other children, or work long hours at a demanding job. Many times our bodies get stressed without even realizing it, and our adrenal glands get, what we call, worn out when we are doing too much and don’t have the correct nutrition the keep them going strong, especially leading up to the birth of our babies, and shorty after. MANY times, the milk supply issue actually stems from a stressful, unsafe birth where the mother did not have the right kind of support she needed. In turn, this also causes postpartum depression, which the herbs also help with significantly (I know this personally!).

In closing about my Raspberry blend, I strongly encourage women who are having heavy periods, hormonal imbalances, or are pregnant to drink my Raspberry blend tea to help neutralize feelings and remain grounded during the hard times in addition to keeping your uterus strong and tone. It is also great for healing after birth.  If your milk supply is plenty and you find that you are producing too much with my Nursing blend, my Raspberry blend is a great choice!

And in closing about my Nursing blend, if you are the gal that I described above, having such a tough time nursing, yearning to feed your baby, PLEASE give this a try. It really does work! If you happen to be a woman trying to balance your hormones, detox your body, or help strengthen your adrenal glands, give this a good two weeks to a month and you should begin to feel healthier and stronger with more energy.

Althea Hrdlichka

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